Guillermo Couture, a master tailor of the highest tradition, crafts custom dresses and gowns, bespoke men's suiting, alterations, and reproductions of designer clothes for New York's discerning ladies and gentlemen.

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For more than 30 years, clients have relied on Guillermo Couture for the best tailoring the human hand can make.

Appointments and Visits

Whether you are seeking advice on a custom dress, reproducing a garment, commissioning a bespoke men's suit, or a wedding gown; our client managers and cutters have the expertise to meet your every need.

When appropriate, Guillermo Molina or his team will arrange to visit your residence or office.

Tel. +1 212 366 6965
Tel. +1 212 366 6964

347 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1505
New York, NY 10016

The gown in the background photograph was designed and made by Guillermo Couture for a client attending a summer occasion in Valencia. Clients continue to commission variations of our original Valencia Dress, often in darker colors for evening occasions.
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