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Guillermo Molina has been designing and handcrafting gowns for more than 20 years. Guillermo arrived in the United States from Ecuador at the age of 10, and immediately set about making his relatives and Brooklyn neighbors look sensational.

While he’ll tell you that if he wasn’t a designer, he’d be a therapist, he will also admit that he never really felt he had a choice in the matter: for him, designing and creating clothes is his mission.

Guillermo brings a fierce commitment to making customers look their very best, his honest advice on what designs will make that happen, understanding of garment design, construction, and the individual properties of fabrics — from silk, wool, cashmere, to tulle and antique lace.

Custom Gowns New York

  • I was so honored to work on Meghan’s gown. She brought me the dress that both her grandmother and mother wore to their own weddings in the 1950s and 1980s.
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  • Raquel was a return client. I’d made a dress for her to wear to a friend’s wedding, and now she was the one getting married and she was having three wedding events.
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  • Heather came to me with quite a few images of dresses she liked - they fell into one of two very different categories: a backless, 1930s look; and an Edwardian design.
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  • Emily works in the fashion industry and had a good idea of the kind of dress she wanted to wear. What makes the dress so uniquely her is that she was involved in every aspect of its creation.
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