Raquel was a return client. I’d made a dress for her to wear to a friend’s wedding, and now she was the one getting married. A very busy bride, she and her fiancé were holding three wedding events. She came to me to create the dress she would wear at a more formal ceremony in Switzerland.

Raquel’s dress is a wonderful example of how every piece comes together in a totally unique way, as well as the degree to which a client can participate in the crafting of the clothes they will wear.

Raquel knew what she wanted. So much so that she brought in a satin, strapless Ines Di Santo gown to use as a base. She asked me to custom alter the dress and then create a luxurious lace overlay for the piece. It was so much fun working with her; she reacted on the spot to sketches!: “No, not that tight here, but tighter here.”

Once the base dress was fitted exactly, I selected a variety of lace patterns for the overlay. I encouraged Raquel to go with a larger pattern knowing, from a garment construction standpoint, that a larger lace design would provide some necessary volume at the hem. Aesthetically, it would have greater visual impact than a more intricate pattern.

The final result is a gown that is romantic, feminine, and somewhat demure thanks to its long lace sleeves, mid v-back, and full skirt. However, the precisely-fitted satin dress underneath highlights Raquel’s figure, which prevents the overall effect from being too old-fashioned.

As a final touch, I suggested an oversized veil made of only silk illusion, and as you can see, the effect was glorious!

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