Heather was not unlike many brides in that she came to me with quite a few images of dresses she liked. For the most part, they all fell into one of two very different categories: a slinky, backless, 1930s look; and silhouettes evocative of the Edwardian era. I created a hybrid of the styles using a combination of delicate beading, netting, and layers, and came up with what I think of as “sexy Downtown Abbey”!

Right away, I knew I wanted to use point d’esprit, a soft, cottony netting-like fabric, to give the dress that early 1900s feel. I found a rare English pattern that was perfect. Counterbalancing the point d’esprit is the relaxed and sexy silhouette, which is almost like that of a negligee. Heather knew she wanted a low back, low front, and a dress that showed off her figure. One of my favorite details is how the neckline flows and twists into a delicate modified cap sleeve.

Finally, I designed an overall, intricate pattern of beading, which amps up the glamour of this gown even more. Created in the couture tradition, the gown is made up of thousands of tiny beads and pearls, all of which were sewn on by hand.

Heather looked incredible in this gown, which captured her spritely yet sensual essence.

Photo: Dreamlove

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