A 25 Year Fashion Affair With My Client

Guillermo Molina and Judy Ricciardi have been having a fashion affair. For nearly 25 years, Guillermo has been meeting her almost weekly in her closet!

He is her personal, couture designer and he creates custom clothing for her, enabling her to show up in style for every event—openings, galas, black-tie events, society lunches—and she is a woman with a very busy social calendar.

A couture-style designer and dressmaker, Guillermo Molina, owner of and mastermind behind Guillermo Couture, has been making clothes for Ms. Ricciardi since 1992. At 75 years old, she is a vibrant fashionista known for her style and flair. She notes enthusiastically, “Guillermo has helped me to elevate my wardrobe, to the point where people anticipate nothing but the most stunning and head-turning ensembles from me. They’re always eager to see my latest ‘Guillermo’. It’s expected that I will always make a perfect entrance in one of his creations.”

Ricciardi continues, “I trust him implicitly because he’s always spot-on with his designs and consistently delivers an impeccably constructed and crafted garment. He knows me so well. Almost as well as my husband,” she gushes with a wry smile. As evidenced by the exquisite collection of Guillermo garments gracing the hangers of her expansive closet, this woman has a magnificent wardrobe—and, as she notes, she has “a lot to wear.”

Guillermo has been sewing since he was 10 years old, when he created a wedding gown—his first!—for his older sister. By the time he applied to New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology, with a portfolio including an elaborately constructed bustier of his own design, the admissions board found it hard to believe he’d never been formally schooled.

His passion for what he does is apparent in the extraordinarily fine quality of his workmanship and by his sophisticated designs; add to that his artistic, laser-like vision, which enables him to see garments as they are actually constructed. Considered a master of interpretation, Guillermo has a gift for taking a design from a sketch on paper to an exquisitely constructed garment that assuredly will turn heads. Guillermo’s clients are all thrilled to wear his unique and stylish creations.

He prides himself on using traditional methods of couture artistry. He is hands-on when working on all his designs; he supervises every detail of each design. His highly skilled and talented in-house team works meticulously and diligently under his constant guidance and watchful eye.

“You’re in talented and caring hands with Guillermo,” adds Judy.

Guillermo’s personal connection with Judy is unique, but, in truth, his relationship with all his clients is special. Observes Guillermo with a smile and a wink, “When a woman leaves me, she’s always happy.” His clients exude a sexy and knowing confidence when their couture garments are fitted; they know that the end product is going to be sensational and that they will have a unique and fabulous garment. He has an uncanny ability to fit a garment so that it brings out the best and disguises the rest. This makes his garments all the more sought-after and special.

Gorgeous garments are not the only thing that Guillermo provides his “ladies.” Both he and his staff give individual attention to each and every woman he works with. Spending time in his NYC Studio, they feel cossetted and cared for. “It’s a team effort,” Guillermo notes. “We get to know each other intimately and we strive to get the best possible results each and every time, with all the garments we create. My client’s silhouette becomes my canvas and I create with it in mind, as a backdrop. My goal is to blend maximum comfort with my client’s individual style. When a client is comfortable and looks striking, her confidence radiates. That’s why I do what I do.”






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